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I'm a beginner.  What course should I start with?

The Basic Handgun and Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL) and the Home Defense Course are great for beginners.  Both courses satisfy the Firearms Safety Training requirement to apply for the Maryland HQL, which you'll need if you plan to purchase a handgun in Maryland.  The Maryland HQL training certificate you receive upon completion is required by law prior to apply for the purchase, transfer, or rental of a regulated firearm.  


Do I have to own a firearm to attend FirearmsU training courses?  What about ammunition?

Basic Handgun and Home Defense - No, all equipment (firearms, ammunition, eye protection, and hearing protection) you require to complete FirearmsU training is provided for your use.  You can bring your own firearm; however, you must be familiar with it.  Ammunition you bring must be appropriate for the firearm you bring.  No re-loaded ammunition is allowed. Bringing your own firearm and ammunition will not decrease the course fee. 


Concealed Carry - Yes, you must bring your Handgun, 100 rounds of ammunition, and two magazines (speed loader for revolver firers).  You must be very familiar with the handgun you bring. 


I am not a Maryland resident.  Can I attend FirearmsU courses?  What about Virginia?

Yes, it is not a requirement to be a Maryland resident to take courses offered by FirearmsU.  Each student will receive a certificate of completion at the end of each course.  USCCA is a nationally recognized organization and USCCA certificates of completion may be accepted for training credit by your respective state.  It is your responsibility to check with your state of residence to determine if the USCCA and/or Maryland Course completion certificates are accepted as training credit.  


Virginia accepts USCCA certificates of training.  Virginia Non-Resident Concealed Carry Applicants can use their USCCA FirearmsU Certified Concealed Carry Course certificates for proof of training.  No need to pay for additional training.  


What is the Hybrid Training Solution?  

The Hybrid Training Solution means you can complete/meet Maryland firearms training requirements in two parts: classroom instruction and live-fire (practical application of skills).  The hybrid approach allows you to complete what would normally be classroom instruction in a virtual classroom environment, meaning "online".  Once you complete the virtual classroom portion, you can schedule your live-fire session and receive your book and certificate.  We are all busy, so this allows you to complete the training in a format that offers you convenience and flexibility.


Where can I check if I am exempt from Maryland Firearms Safety Course requirements?


The Maryland State Police is the executive agency for all firearms licensing matters in the state.  Check the following links for licensing details and exemptions:

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