Home Defense Course - Hybrid Regular*

Home Defense Course - Hybrid Regular*


The Home Defense Course and Maryland HQL Course is a comprehensive course that focuses on the use of a firearm as a tool for self defense in the home.  


*Regular Option - Live-Fire session is conducted in groups of 5 students on a scheduled date.  Live-Fire date is scheduled upon completion of the virtual training.

  • Course Details

    **Meets the Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL) Course requirements**


    This is a Hybrid course, which means the course consists of both virtual classroom and face-to-face instruction.  The classroom portion is completed in a virtual environment and the Live-Fire will be completed at a local firing range.  Live-Fire will be completed upon successful completion of the virtual instruction.  After payment/registration you will be emailed the URL (link) to access the virtual training.  Upon completion of the virtual training, your Live-Fire session can be scheduled.   

    Course is 5 hours of virtual classroom instruction, followed by range time. 

    Lessons include:
    Developing a Personal and Home Protection Plan
    Defining a Personal Protection Plan, Home Security, Alarms, Home Defense, Mental Exercises
    Self Defense Firearms Basics 
    Safety, Understanding Semi-Automatics, Understanding Revolvers, Understanding Modern Striker-Fired Handguns, Home Defense Shotgun Fundamentals, Defining Gauge, Shot Size, Shotgun Chokes, The AR-15, Gun and Ammo Malfunctions and how to deal with them, Selecting a Handgun, Ammo
    Defensive Shooting Fundamentals
    Defensive shooting versus Marksmanship, Grip, Shooting Platform, Aligning the Muzzle to Target, Point Shooting, Unsighted/Sighted Fire, Flash Sight Picture, Trigger Control
    The Legal Use of Force
    Defending the Home, Defending Property
    Violent Encounters and Their Aftermath
    When Left with No Other Choice, When Right to Use Deadly Force Ends, Immediate Aftermath, Phone Calls to Make, When Police Arrive, Statements to Police, During and After your Arrest
    Gear and Gadgets 
    Flashlights, Weapon Mounted Lights, Lasers, Firearms Storage 
    Basic and Advanced Skills
    Creating a Training Program, Dry Firing, Drills, What's Next?


    Maryland Firearms Law

    Purchase & Transfer, Carry or Transport, Possess a Carry Permit, Home Safety, Safety Devices 


    Live Fire Exercise

    Semi-Auto Handgun and Shotgun


    Equipment Provided

    Firearms, Ammo, Targets, Eye & Hearing Protection


    Certificates Earned:

    Home Defense Course Certificate


    Maryland HQL Course Certificate

    Required by anyone applying for the Maryland HQL


    **Course hours can go towards the MD Wear and Carry Permit training requirements and earns you a $25 discount.**

  • Training Location

    Your Location:

    TMG FirearmsU Virtual Classroom Online


    Live-Fire Location (Primary):

    Maryland Small Arms Range

    9801 Fallard Court, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

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